Tuesday, May 21

Palm Beach County resident hit with nonrenewal notice turns to WPTV for insurance help

WPTV helped provide a lifeline and hope for a Lake Worth widow hoping to stay in her home. She received a dreaded nonrenewal notice from her insurance company because of the age of her roof.

NewsChannel 5 anchor Michael Williams and Robert Norberg, president of Arden Insurance, paid a visit to the resident, Maria Hill, on Wednesday at her home.

Hill’s 17-year-old shingle roof wasn’t good enough for her insurance carrier.

“First of all, I don’t want to be dropped because it will be impossible to get insurance, and also I don’t believe my roof was that bad,” Hill said.

Hill is a disabled widow who lives on a fixed income. She’s been in her home for 34 years and right now cannot afford a new roof, which her insurer demands. She spoke to Williams at WPTV’s “Let’s Hear It” event at the Palm Beach Zoo on Tuesday full of worry. Hill said she found out about the nonrenewal two weeks ago.

“They say it’s unacceptable,” Norberg said referring to the the letter Hill received. “That’s pretty subjective.”

Norberg came along during Wednesday’s visit to help her navigate another inspection and then look at options.

“The updated inspection will give the roof life, and you have to have at least a minimum of a five-year roof life left in order to qualify for Citizens [Insurance],’ Norberg said.

Despite Citizens looking to shed policies, Norberg said don’t rule them out if you can’t get a standard policy.

“Robert, are you at least hopeful as Maria sits here today, that you can at least give her a chance at finding her something that will give her peace of mind?” Williams asked.

“Oh, yeah, looking at the situation, we should be able to make sure that by that July nonrenewal [period] you have something,” Norberg said.

“Thank you so much for your help,” Hill said.

Norberg said a few things that everyone should do is to have their paperwork and records in good order. He said that is vital.

Resident should keep inspections up to date, both wind mitigation and four-point inspections.

Also, receiving a grant from the My Safe Florida Home program could save you thousands of dollars. Hill is applying and it could help her pay for a new roof in the future.

The bottom line is to work with your agent but don’t be afraid to look for another one who listens and offers to help.

WPTV put in a call to Hill’s insurance agent of record but still has not heard back.

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