Saturday, June 22

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office investigating string of business burglaries

Palm Beach County deputies are trying to solve a string burglaries across the county. The targets are linked according to investigators by their inventory inside, particularly ATMs.

The string of crimes spans over the course of a year and a half from Palm Beach Gardens all the way to Greenacres. News of the crime is spreading after a Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office social media post.

Its enough to raise safety concerns for customers in the areas, like Palm Beach County resident Jean Patten, where businesses were targeted.

“Its sad to say that more and more of this is happening in West Palm Beach,” she said. “I mean, we want to feel safe.”

The only surveillance images of the possible suspect provided by investigators show someone wearing a hoodie and other face coverings.

Investigators said the person caught on camera may not be working alone and uses a cutting tool to get into ATMs inside. WPTV reached out to staff at businesses nearby via a translator and they did not want their face on camera.

“Remember the other businesses targeted also had cameras, cameras dont stop them, the staff member said. Everyone has an ATM inside their business. If it could happen to them, then it could happen to us.”

The sheriffs office stated it wants to make sure the person on camera, behind the crimes stops, terrorizing businesses. Customers like Patten use the Golden Rule when addressing whoever the suspect may be.

“You know youre a person too,” she said. “How would you feel if it were reversed and someone came to your home and broke in and took your valuables?

Patten also offered the crooks one last piece of advice.

“Get a real job,” she said.

Anyone with information on these crimes should contact Crime Stoppers at 800-458-TIPS.

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