Sunday, March 3

Palm Beach County swimmer chases Olympic dreams

The 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris are quickly approaching, and a swimmer from West Palm Beach is getting ready for her shot at representing Team USA.

Anna Auld, who swims for the University of Florida, is chasing her dreams.

Years of hard work for the Forest Hill High School graduate are finally paying off as she gets closer to her goal of swimming in the Olympics.

Quinn Cassidy, her coach at St. Andrew’s Aquatics, who is a former Gator, knows that she has what it takes to represent Team USA.

“Definitely could [make the Olympic team] because of her work ethic in the pool,” Cassidy said. “She is an absolute workhorse in the pool, and she is willing to do whatever it takes in her training.”

Over the years, Auld has made a name for herself, but she can still recall the moment when she fell in love with the pool.

“I started out with soccer and then gymnastics,” Auld said. “But then my older sister got me into swimming when I was younger. Ever since then, it’s always been a huge passion of mine.”

Auld has already represented Team USA in 2022 at the World Championship, but to be on the Olympic team would be a dream come true.

“That would be an unbelievable feat,” Cassidy said. “To be able to represent Team USA in swimming at the Olympics, that’s really what everybody dreams about when you start swimming.”

Hopefully next summer, we will see her make her Olympic debut in France.

“Ever since I was younger, I think I’ve always had that dream of going to the Olympic trials,” Auld said. “It’s just such a special event to make.”

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