Sunday, March 3

Palm Beach County teacher fired by school district after multiple arrests

A Palm Beach County teacher who was arrested three times in less than two weeks in November is no longer employed by the school district.

Officials with the School District of Palm Beach County confirmed Thursday that Hawazin Wright, 43, was fired effective Dec. 7. He was placed on administrative leave following the arrests.

Wright had been an employee with the school district since 2017.

Since mid-November, Wright has been accused of making harassing phone calls to a woman he was dating, aggravated assault in downtown West Palm Beach, drug possession and interrupting a pro-Palestinian rally while carrying a concealed knife.

School records also show he received a written reprimand in August for insubordination and ethical misconduct after an incident at Christa McAuliffe Middle School.

Also, Wright was instructed to “cease and desist” from communicating with any students in May until being cleared to return to regular assigned work duties.

The State Attorney’s Office announced earlier this month that they would not file felony charges against the former teacher.

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