Wednesday, November 29

Palm Beach County teachers could get up to 7% pay raise

Palm Beach County public school teachers could soon get a pay raise.

The Palm Beach County School Board is scheduled to vote Wednesday on a collective bargaining agreement that would give all district teachers, including permanent substitutes, up to a 7% raise, depending on their effectiveness rating.

The raises would be retroactive to July 1.

In addition, teachers would receive a one-time payment of $1,500, or 3% of their base salary, whichever is greater. That money would come from COVID-19 relief funding the district received from the federal government.


The deal also includes higher supplements for positions like school-based team leaders, high school athletic directors, high school assistant athletic directors, and sports coaches.

For example, a high school head varsity football coach’s supplement would jump from $4,532 to $7,000.

The total cost of the raises and bonuses would be $95.2 million, according to school district documents.

If passed by the school board, the agreement would also need to be approved by the Palm Beach County Classroom Teachers Association before it becomes final.

Last year, the Palm Beach County School Board approved up to a 3.5% pay raise for all district teachers.

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