Thursday, June 13

Palm Beach Kennel Club land sold to developers with retail, residential project possibly considered

The push for new development continues in Palm Beach County. A new deal would sell part of the Palm Beach Kennel Club property to developers.

The agreement only involves the land around the Kennel Club and not the club itself, which apparently will continue operating.

The property is being sold after a winning bid was made by the Frisbie Group, a Palm Beach developer.

The Kennel Club sits on a large plot of land located at the corner of Belvedere Road and Congress Avenue in the Westgate area just north of Palm Beach International Airport.

There is speculation that some sort of mixed-use development may be in the works involving retail, residential and entertainment.

“The Kennel Club is a beautifully situated property for any number of things with the roads there and easy access to the airport with the size of the property, the things that are there,” Brian Seymour of the Gunster Law Firm said. “So, that is an opportunity that doesn’t come along often to have an urban land that is that large with that kind of access to so many things.”

A representative from the Frisbie Group said there are no firm plans to announce what may be built on the property. It’s something they say they will consider in the coming months.

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