Thursday, June 13

Pink Waves exhibit in West Palm Beach celebrating women through art

An art show in West Palm Beach is showcasing different styles of art from more than 20 women artists from Palm Beach County.

“Pink Waves is trying to create a ripple effect, so that we can change attitudes and support female artists,” Gaby Viteri, co-curator of Pink Waves, said. “Part of our mission is to create awareness of women’s health as well.”

The Pink Waves art exhibit opened Thursday evening at the Sarah LaPierre Studio + Gallery, which is part of The Peach Art Collective, located at 3950 Georgia Ave.

“Female artists need more representation,” Sarah LaPierre, co-curator of Pink Waves, said. “After having worked in this industry in this area for so long, we both know so many phenomenal women artists and we really wanted to put them all together under one roof.”

Photojournalist Wally Lurz took a behind the scenes look at the unique collection of pink inspired creations all created by women artists.

“For me, female energy is bright, bold and playful, sometimes messy, and creative,” artist and muralist Corey Murrow said. ” I think women are often told that each other are their competition and I don’t see anyone here as my competition. I see every single person here as just a great voice for our community.”

The exhibit runs through the month of October and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Promise Fund of Florida in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

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