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Precinct changes in St. Lucie County affect more than 50,000 residents

If you live in St. Lucie County, theres a chance your voting precinct has changed. But its easy to know if youve been impacted.

According to the supervisor of elections in that county, Gertrude Walker said six precincts had some sort of change. Five precincts have new locations altogether, while one change was minor, only the name changed.

Precincts 14 and 24 are now at Fort Pierce Westwood Academy on Panther Lane. They used to be located at Miracle Prayer Temple.

Precinct 41 is now Northport K-8 School on Floresta Drive, moving from West St. Lucie Elks Lodge #2823.

Precinct 71 is now at Oak Hammock K-8 School, from Crosstown Fellowship.

Precincts 67 and 86 are now located at St. Lucie West Centennial High School on Southwesr Cashmere Boulevard, moving from Grace Lutheran Church and Sunlight Community Church.

A polling location also changed names. Church of God, located on Oleander Avenue is now called All Generations Church, according to documents from the Supervisor of Elections Office.

Walker told WPTVs Victor Jorges there are plenty of ways to know if your precinct was impacted. You can check the front of the sample ballot that was mailed to residents, or check online by clicking here.

It’s important that you not just jump in the car and go to that precinct. But take the time to check your voter information card or to check the front of your sample ballot that was mailed to you, Walker said. We want you to get there, and we want you to get there safely, and certainly, please get out there and vote because your opinion does matter.

Walker said residents can call 772-462-1500 for more information about precincts.

If you still have questions about where to vote, visit your local supervisor of elections website.

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