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Remember for Change seeks to prevent deaths involving drinking and driving

Super Bowl weekend brings back painful memories for a Treasure Coast family.

But they are turning that tragedy into action, doing their part to make the roads safer for all of us.

A caravan of law enforcement vehicles made its way up Indian River Drive in Fort Pierce.

They gathered at Old Fort Park to remember loved ones lost on the roads.

At the center of the group are Melanie and Tim Trewyn.

It was on Super Bowl Sunday on Feb. 7, 2021, when the Trewyns’ adopted daughter Claudia, was struck and killed by a drunk driver along Indian River Drive.

Since her death, the Trewyns, with the support of local law enforcement and community leaders, founded Remember for Change, a nonprofit designed to prevent senseless deaths on the road involving drinking and driving, and speeding.

Major changes in different aspects in keeping our roadways safe,” Melanie Trewyn said.


In the last year, the speed limit on Indian River Drive was reduced from 35 to 25 miles per hour.

“Were really grateful for everybody who is making that happen,” Trewyn said.

Luke and Sandy Neubert came to show their support and remember their loved one, who was killed by an impaired driver.

They drove up in an old Model-T.


“We share the passion of old cars. I enjoy driving it but it does bring back some sad memories,” Luke Neubert said.

“It is sad but it almost feels like hes with us, so thats a good memory,” Sandy Neubert said.

 Remember for Change has gotten dozens of local high school students to sign a pledge to be safe on the roads, and created coasters left at participating bars and restaurants that have QR codes that can be used to get a safe ride home.


“Other people might go through what were going through and Id like to keep that happening to another family,” Melanie Trewyn said.


Remember For Change is trying to organize a simulated crash program at local schools to showcase the damage that can be done by one bad decision.

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