Friday, March 1

Same trucking company involved in fiery crash in Palm Beach County last year

WPTV is learning more about the trucking company involved in Friday morning’s fiery crash on Florida’s Turnpike.

Another tanker from the same company, CWC Transportation, was involved in a large fire on Interstate 95 near Delray Beach last year.

The company’s director of operations said the semi hit a concrete barrier, but the cause is still being investigated. The company noted that there is construction in the area, but it’s unclear if that played a factor in the wreck.

The driver was not hurt and is OK.

The CWC representative said all of their drivers have Class A CDL licenses, which are required to drive a tanker.

The drivers go to trucking school before they are hired by CWC.

Separate crash in Delray Beach last year

Another CWC fuel tanker was involved in a similar crash that ended in a massive fire on Interstate 95 in Delray Beach on Oct. 25, 2022.

In that crash, according to the Florida Highway Patrol report, another vehicle hit the tanker, which caused it to hit the concrete traffic barrier and caused a light pole to fall onto I-95. The tanker ultimately caught fire in that wreck.

Five people were hurt, including three people who were treated for serious burns, in that crash. One driver later died from their wounds.

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