Monday, December 11

Senior squad makes a million dumplings a year for Palm Beach County restaurant group

At 82, Grandma Juree and her friends help make a million hand-wrapped dumplings a year for her familys ten Asian-themed restaurants.

Her grandson said she gives him insight and words of wisdom.

The restaurant said Grandma Juree and the other seniors aren’t ready to retire but restaurant work is very strenuous so they contribute by making up to 5,000 dumplings a day.

“Okay, well, let’s set up a dumpling squad. Luckily that’s what they are. So now we have five to seven seniors in our facility and wrapping everything. We even tried to get a machine to help them out. They don’t like the machine at all. They prefer to do it by hand. They believe that they look more beautiful when they wrap up in themselves,” said Louis Grayson, the owner of Ramen Lab Eatery.

Grayson is offering dumpling-making classes on Thursdays in October.

The classes are being offered at Ramen Lab Eatery in Delray and West Boca for $59 and include a sakitini. For more information, click here.

The restaurant group has plans to expand to Boynton Beach in the Spring of 2024.

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