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Sheriff’s office investigating students possibly sickened by candy with THC

The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after parents at Oak Hammock K-8 School in Port St. Lucie say a handful of students were sickened, possibly by candy containing THC.

WPTV reporter Joel Lopez found out about the situation through a Facebook post on Port St. Lucie News and Commentary that said students ate what they believe was THC and had to be hospitalized.

A St. Lucie County School District spokesperson couldn’t confirm the cause as they said the sheriff’s office is investigating.

But there are hundreds of people wondering what happened.

“What 9-year-old doesn’t like candy?” Daniel Elmore, who has a second-grader at the school, said.

“My reaction is more or less more disheartening and concerned.

He found out about the news through Facebook.

“But if the school had sent out an email or something to the parents we could have been on guard and I could have talked to him about it this morning, saying ‘hey don’t take candy from another kid, ‘ ” Elmore said.

The school district said the incident is contained and isolated, and that’s why they didn’t send a mass email to every parent, just to the parents involved.

The most common symptom that’s reported is lethargy, or sleepiness, dizziness, vomiting

Pediatric gastroenterologist Dr. Michael Thomas with Palm Beach Children’s Hospital said symptoms can last up to 24 hours.

“Just how dangerous is it for a child if they ingest too much THC?” Lopez asked.

“It has the potential to be life-threatening. The dose or the concentration of these edibles varies greatly and that’s where you get in trouble,” Thomas said.

Lopez spoke with a family member who said their student was hospitalized from the incident but they told him they are doing OK Wednesday night.

The comments on Facebook kept growing.

Parents want answers.

The question is who is going to be held accountable for this situation?

The school district was asked what’s next for the student responsible in this case but they say right now that’s an open investigation.

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