Sunday, March 3

Shooting at Tradition leaves some residents uneasy

For some people Wednesday, the sense of safety changed with word of a shooting in the Tradition that hospitalized one man.

The violence has become a sad reality but some say it can happen anywhere including at Tradition with a population of 10,000 people.

In a typically quiet subdivision, many folks in the community are uneasy.

The attack is the second shooting along Stockton Place within the past two years.

Safety is the No. 1 priority for one nine-year resident, who is considering leaving the area with word of the shooting.


No. 1, I did not know there was a shooting here and No. 2 there is a false sense of security here,” Nilda Gonzalez said. “The gates do stay open, and when you go in, they take too long, and they tailgate you, and they come right in. No. 2, the side is wide open. As you can see, anyone can walk in. I dont feel as secure as I once did nine years ago.

It is not known how the shooter entered the subdivision, and what may have led up to the incident.

Dr. Quinton Hedgepeth, a long-time resident, said he feels secure calling this area home with violence occurring anywhere.

Im from Miami, so its a comparative type thing, so once every 10 years something happens, I dont get enthused,” Hedgepeth said.

WPTV reached out to comments from the homeowners association but hadn’t heard back.

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