Sunday, March 3

Shoppers fill stores to return gifts, search for post-holiday sales

Shoppers were busy Tuesday looking for day-after-Christmas sales and returning holiday gifts.

WPTV spoke to a few shoppers at the Tanger Outlets in West Palm Beach who were also spending time with their families at the mall.

The Tanger Outlet is no stranger to large crowds and heavy foot traffic, but hours after Christmas wrapped up, customers filled the stores.

Gustavo Carvalho was there to return a gift he received.

“Today, I came for an exchange for my wife, for the gift I gave to her,” Carvalho said.

His wife and her daughter are going to New York City in a few weeks, and he said his gift to her was the gift of warmth. He bought her a Guess jacket, but it didn’t fit.

“Now she’s going to be nice and warm in New York City,” Carvalho said while showing off his wife’s jacket.

A father of two, Josh Johnson, and his wife own several businesses, so they worked Christmas Eve and Christmas Day while their kids enjoyed the holidays.

“It’s all about the kids,” Johnson said. “We get them what we think they want, and they either like it or they don’t like it.”

Johnson said he and his wife dedicate Dec. 26 to family time.

“My wife and I always decide to go the day after Christmas to do shopping for ourselves because we like to make Christmas Day all about the kids,” Johnson said.

The father of two said that he uses the holidays to bond with family and show love and appreciation but also to remind them how lucky they are to have one another.

“We really are grateful for having the time to be able to spend [with each other],” Johnson said. “That’s one of the perks of being a business owner. You can call off when you want to.”

Experts advise checking on the store’s return policy before you head to the store.

Consumer Reports lists Macy’s, Nordstrom and Target as some of the best return policies while others like Apple and Best Buy are tougher.

Many stores in the Tanger Outlets expect heavy crowds and advise shoppers to either come early or know there will be long waiting lines.

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