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South Florida FSU fans ‘heartbroken’ over team missing College Football Playoff

Anger and disappointment are just some of the words being used after Florida State University’s football team didn’t make the College Football Playoff, despite the team being 13-0 this year and winning the ACC Championship.

Now politicians from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and U.S. Sen. Rick Scott (R-Florida), even former President Donald Trump, are weighing in on the controversy, and the state’s chief financial officer, Jimmy Patronis, a Florida State grad, is demanding the playoff committee disclose their votes and preserve all documents as he begins talks with legislators into what action should be taken after the snub.

You can’t walk into Jumby Bay Island Grill in Jupiter without seeing signs of the Florida State Seminoles everywhere. So as you can imagine, there are some very disappointed fans here.

Jumby Bay is an official home of the Palm Beach County Seminole Club.

Owner and FSU alum Vicki Parmelee was shocked they won’t be watching the Noles play in the College Football Playoff.

“I was just really heartbroken for the players and coaches, and we see these guys put their heart and soul into the season and literally deliver a perfect season,” Parmelee said.

A perfect season, even after losing local star quarterback Jordan Travis to an injury.

The Seminoles now become the first undefeated champion from a Power Five conference to miss the playoffs.

“The culture from the last couple years has been amazing,” Boca Raton native and FSU grad Andy Pangerl said. “We’ve had no off the field problems. Everybody’s buying in. We’re undefeated. 19 games in a row, and they left us out. It’s disgusting.”

Pangerl bleeds garnet and gold. He’s devastated for his team.

“I still feel gutted, But it all goes back to, who cares what I feel? It’s the players,” Pangerl said.

Clay Shiver knows a bit about how they feel.

“I think there’s a helplessness, right?” Shiver said. “You have to abide by this and you have no choice. You’ve done everything required of you.”

The local high school coach knows what it’s like to win it all. He was part of FSU’s first title team in 1993.

“You go, what are we doing?” Shiver said. “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. Like, what is happening that we’ve come to this point where we actually can play a game to decide these things, but we take it out of that realm?”

Politicians on both sides of the aisle sharing frustrations, too, from Gov. DeSantis to U.S. Rep. Jared Moskowitz, (D-Florida).

Sen. Scott sent a letter to the College Football Playoff selection committee, demanding answers and transparency.

“Do I have faith that anything’s going to happen with the committee in the legal process? Absolutely not,” Pangerl said. “Now should they? Yes. I wanna see the emails, the collusion, the back and forth.”

Whatever the explanation may be, the Seminole faithful will keep rooting for their guys.

“I hope they know all the fans are super proud,” Parmelee said.

<section data-block=”SingleChoice”><h2>Do you think the Seminoles should have made the College Football Playoff?</h2><ul><li>Yes, of course. What other undefeated Power 5 conference champion would be left out?</li><li>No, the committee was correct. Florida State is a different team without Jordan Travis.</li></ul></section>

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