Thursday, June 13

South Florida organization encourages people to be organ donors

April is National Donate Life Month which encourages people to become an organ donor.

In the heart of Fort Pierce, the St. Lucie Tax Collector’s Office runs the DMV, and at the forefront of driver’s license renewals is their passion for signing people up to be organ donors.

This Saturday at Clover Park, there will be a special St. Lucie Mets game, which will honor 29 organ donors on behalf of the Legacy Donor Services.

Legacy Donor Services Foundation orchestrates initiatives like the “Make the Save, Save a Life” baseball game.

The organization said there is a lot of misinformation about organ donations, including people thinking that they will not get the medical attention they need if they have the organ donor status on their driver’s license.

“I think just just not having the education not having the knowledge of really how important it is that you can impact and affect so many lives through donation,” said Trina Long, the regional program director of Legacy Donor Services Foundation.

The baseball game will honor the donators at 5:30 and the game gets underway at 6:10 p.m.

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