Thursday, June 13

South Florida Spring Jamboree at Jupiter High School brings top recruits

The South Florida Spring Jamboree at Jupiter High School on Saturday morning was a thrilling event. In the final game, the home team hosted the formidable Miami Palmetto, setting the stage for an exciting match-up.

Now, jamborees allow college scouts to come out and watch teams while the teams and coaches see how they stack up.

During the first possession, Palmetto established physicality, and the run looked at the back, just running through every line of defense.

Next, play the same thing: the do-it-all back hits the hole and gets Palmetto into scoring position, and hey, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Palmetto gets on the board first and makes things 7-0.

In the end, Palmetto just had too much. The wideout gets free on a breakdown and hits his head on the goal post, and Palmetto takes this one 14-7.

“We’re young on both sides of the ball, so we just need to clean up some tackling on the defense,” Jupiter HS Football Coach Jason Kradman said. “Kind of what your standard spring would be and then offensively just some execution on some of our RPOs and things like that.”

Down the road, Palm Beach Gardens hosted last year’s state runner-up, Homestead, and the runner-ups showed what makes them one of the best in the state. In the first half, the backdrops back and finds the wideout on a slant, and he finds the endzone.

Moments later, Homesteads back gets shifty and gets the boys back on the scoreboard.

Homestead won this one 16-0, and after the game, Gardens shared their thoughts on improving.

“Just get together and get our timing down as a group with a freshman quarterback and just start working together,” receiver Cole Cross said.

“We are an extremely young team, probably the youngest team I’ve ever been a part of but also one of the most talented teams I’ve been a part of,” head coach Tyrone Higgins said. “It’s going to be fun growing these guys.”

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