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South Florida wedding trends for 2024

Wedding season in South Florida kicks off in September. T.A. Walker Shined A Light on a wedding blogger from Married in Palm Beach with the latest wedding trends.

A new trend in weddings is to have vendors providing an interactive experience for guests like champagne walls, three days of events, and hire day-of social media creators.

Interactive Flower Carts

Activations at weddings is the latest trend

“The hottest 2024 wedding trends are convertible wedding dresses that can go from ceremony to reception. Experiential vendors which include interactive flower carts, and 360 photo booths, and also using AI for your vows or your maid of honor or best man speech,” said Stefany Allongo, the founder of of Married in Palm Beach.

Convertible Wedding Dresses

AI and convertable wedding dresses are the latest trend

Stefany goes on to say that the Palm Beaches are built for the perfect wedding. If you want to get ideas you can go to her blog by clicking here.

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