Monday, April 22

South Florida’s first renewable natural gas facility coming to Indian River County

Taking trash out of the landfill, and turning it into treasure.

Thats the plan behind a public-private partnership in Indian River County to build South Floridas first landfill gas to renewable energy production facility.

County leaders broke ground with Nopetro Energy Wednesday morning at the Indian River County Landfill located off Oslo Road.

Its a sustainability project, its an economic project and its an environmental project, Susan Adams, Indian River County commission chairwoman, said.

The renewable natural gas plant is designed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and lead to cleaner air.

Capturing flared landfill gas, processing it, cleaning it and turning into pipeline quality natural gas and injecting into the regions pipeline system, Nopetro CEO Jorge Herrera said.

The plant should be complete in about a year and produce about 3 million gallons of renewable natural gas annually.

Thats about 80% of the natural gas that Indian River County uses each year.

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