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St. Lucie County reconsidering proposed Indrio Woods development

This area is growing and the traffic is really picking up, Fort Pierce resident Brenda Hernandez said. I see that they are constructing more buildings, but I don’t know why.

She has young kids and worries about traffic.

“We felt the need to fence in our house, because we have kids and the limit is 25 but no one respects it,” Hernandez said.

To make matters worse, she just learned that nearly 600 feet away at Indrio and Taylor Dairy Roads.

The Indrio Woods development is up for reconsideration by St. Lucie County on May 7.

The more than 200-unit development was first proposed on March 5 when it was rejected by commissioners. Planning manager Kori Benton expects the developer to come back with lower density and more preservation than was originally proposed.

“To allow consideration of a refined plan down to 229 units, Benton said, and to examine a site plan that depicts and looks to implement some of those changes.”

He said this includes reducing some of the buildings to two stories instead of three and eliminating parking spaces to allow for more greenspace.

However, St. Lucie County residents like Laura Lucas believe rental apartments aren’t the right fit for the space.

“I know that you have to build, I know that we need new housing around here and we need housing developments, Lucas said, but to stick an urban type of development where there’s all single houses and agricultural property makes no sense.”

She spoke at the meeting in March and says she felt heard, so she was upset to hear that they are reconsidering.

“We moved here, because it’s a beautiful place to live,” Lucas said. “What they are going to rip out is a habitat for coyotes, bobcats, pigs, all kinds of habitat heregreen space.”

Hernandez agreed.

“I like the natural green space as is, she said. As a matter of fact, there’s a lot of dangerous animals that have been roaming the street since they started construction.”

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