Tuesday, November 28

Storms await those traveling for Thanksgiving, forecaster says

The next 24 hours will likely be a test of the nation’s airports and of many flyers’ patience as folks head home for the Thanksgiving.

Joanne Katsantonis is on her way to Virginia. Before she caught her plane she said normally she’s not a fan of holiday traveling.

“Usually, it’s a hassle you worry about long lines, and you worry about delays but of course it’s worth it for the holidays,” she said.

Despite possible storms along the East Coast, she’s hopeful it won’t make for turbulent travel.

“I certainly paused but I definitely want to get home,” she said. “So, I decided I’d go ahead and rough it and see what happens.”

Palm Beach International is quite calm, but the sheer number of travelers is expected to pick up in the next 24 hours. Areas with weather concerns include the Great Lakes, northeast, and southeast.

First Alert Meteorologist Steve Villaneuva said calm conditions are not far away.

“If you’re traveling today or tonight, just know that when you land it’s going to be coming down big time,” he said. “However, by the time we get to Thanksgiving, the storm is out and it’s going to be quite nice in the Northeast for Thanksgiving.”

Arrival and departure times showed, so far, there are very few delays in New York and Westchester.

“See, I love not knowing,” Lance Manyon said.

He and his family flew in from Chicago to hang with the in-laws, weather isn’t a major worry.

“I don’t look at no weather. I got like three apps on my phone with the weather but I’m busy playing the games and stuff you know,” he said. “If I had time I’d get to the weather but I got to play Clash of Clans.”

According to American Automobile Association, more than 55 million people will travel for Thanksgiving.

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