Monday, May 20

Stroke patient reunites with Delray Beach Fire Rescue crew who saved him

A stroke patient and the team that saved his life came together Thursday to celebrate a medical miracle.

Palm Beach Health Network chose Delray Beach Fire Rescue and Delray Medical Center for its “call of the quarter.”

It started with an emergency call on Christmas morning in 2022.

Hal Davidson was experiencing stroke-like symptoms, prompting his wife to immediately call 911.

A team from Delray Beach Fire Rescue responded and rushed Davidson to Delray Medical Center where a team was waiting to perform emergency surgery.

Since the surgery, Davidson has made nearly a full recovery.

“I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be here today and to be in the condition that I’m in today,” Davidson said. “We call this at home the Christmas miracle.”

Experts at Delray Medical Center said a patient has a much better chance of a full recovery if they are treated within the first hour of experiencing symptoms of a stroke.

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