Friday, February 23

Stuart couple seeks ‘quiet zone’ as Brightline horns affect ‘enjoyment of peaceful living’

A Stuart couple hopes the city can do something about the noise that comes from horns as trains pass their home multiple times each day.

Lindie and Al Pulvirenti have started to become horn experts.

The two live next to a train crossing in Stuart, but they said the frequency has increased.

“It is so frequent that it is affecting our enjoyment of peaceful living,” Lindie Pulvirenti said.

The couple wants the city of Stuart, which governs the crossing, to apply for a quiet zone. Those zones make horns optional.

But, the city of Stuart said it has to wait for Martin County to apply because it doesn’t qualify.

“That’s the frustrating part is when you know it’s done somewhere else and the lifestyle in a certain area could become better,” Al Pulvirenti said.

WPTV found that Stuart is not the only city waiting on Martin County.

Emails from the Tequesta village manager show their “council is considering applying for a quiet zone” and they are seeking out “what Martin County intends to do.”

WPTV shared those emails with the Pulvirentis and also showed them Martin County’s email saying it plans to wait a year before possibly applying for a “quiet zone.”

The county said it plans to “track any issues that may occur … then will evaluate …”

“There’s already quiet zones, so I don’t know why you’re beating the bush, running around the bush and taking your time,” Al Pulvirenti said.

For now, the trains will keep coming and continue to frustrate the Pulvirentis.

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