Monday, December 11

Stuart residents frustrated about flooding, mayor addresses issue

Longtime Stuart resident Dave Burdette is a Floridian and hes used to rain.

“Its the first time Ive seen it like this,” Burdette said.

He and other neighbors agree theres something different about the downpours lately, causing intense flooding in places like Baker Road and Dixie highway.

“When its raining, its just a torrent down here, washing away the road, Burdette said.

Other parts of Stuart saw the same.

Billy Damron lives near Kanner Highway and Salerno Road.

It does like this every time the bad weather comes in and its just no hope,” Damron said. ” They’ve done the drains several times and it aint good enough, they just need to figure out a better game plan.”

Stuart Mayor Troy McDonald said the city has one and has always taken storm water seriously.

“The city of Stuart goes to great lengths to ensure storm water is held on site, McDonald said, “but I will say, when you have excessive amounts of rain, theres only so much you can do.”

In Stuart, radar indicates between eight and 12 and a half inches of rain fell over the past seven days.

Martin County staff confirmed for WPTV that measures were taken at Kanner Highway and Salerno Road as part of development in that area. They added, debris blockage caused some drainage issues. Once the debris was cleared, so was the roadway.

Last night, we was out, pulled a few more vehicles out and down there and it was real bad,” Damron said. “People think, ‘oh, you know, I got a submarine, let me go through it,’ but its just getting bad.”

Meanwhile, Burdette is left wondering if his Stuart neighborhood can handle more periods of excessive rainfall.

“If it’s days and days and days, Im thinking Noah better get out here and build something, Burdette said, “because were going to need a bigger boat.”

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