Monday, May 20

Students remember Manatee Academy algebra teacher after murder-suicide

People were coming to Manatee Academy K-8 School in Port St. Lucie on Sunday to build a makeshift memorial for Jamie Felix, who police said was killed in front of her children on Friday night.

According to social posts by the school, Felix was once named teacher of the year at the school. Her husband, who police said later killed himself outside a rental car facility, also worked at the school until October 2023.

A district spokesperson said Ray Felix worked as a maintenance worker, paraprofessional, dean’s clerk and behavior technician at various times. He was named school related employee of the year twice.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with her family, friends and loved ones during this difficult time,” a spokesperson for the district said in an email. “Jamie brought joy, passion and dedication to her students and the staff at Manatee, and she will be greatly missed.”

The district also said it will include on-site grief counseling services for as long as needed.

Tessa Alette, who was Jamie Felix’s algebra student, said she was her best math teacher and had the reputation for being one of the best teachers at the school.

Alette also said Jamie Felix was someone who people confided with personal information and fed students throughout the day. Allete described her as the “school mom,” which is written on the makeshift memorial.

Another student, who came to add something to the memorial on Sunday, told WPTV that Jamie Felix was a great teacher who cared for her students.

Alette also said Jamie Felix was a great mother who once collected rubber band balls because one of her sons liked the object.

According to court records, Jamie Felix filed for divorce and petitioned the court for protection due to domestic violence against her husband. Those documents weren’t public as of Sunday, but WPTV requested those documents to review the specific allegations.

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