Saturday, June 22

Summer camp safety in focus for parents

Many parents in South Florida are starting to look into summer camps for their children, and safety is a top priority.

Justin Brantley, father of two, talked to WPTV about summer camp sign-ups for his daughters at a Let’s Hear It community meet-up at the Palm Beach Zoo.

“It’s very important because the kids need more interaction with other kids,” Brantley said.


Brantley said he’s interested in safety and training protocols at any camp his children might attend.

Dominika Nolan, the director of education and prevention services at the Center for Child Counseling, offers advice for parents who are considering summer camps.

“Ask what’s the protocol. How do they screen their employees?” Nolan said. “What’s their interview process? Do they do fingerprint checks.”

Nolan said it’s important to find out if a camp is accredited by the National Camp Association and if it has a state license. She also suggested to request an in-person meeting with the camp director and consider it a red flag if there is any resistance.

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