Sunday, March 3

Supporters line Port St. Lucie streets to salute Trooper Zachary Fink

There was a gathering of love, sorrow and remembrance near Aycock Funeral Home in Port St. Lucie on Monday. It was a massive show of solidarity from law enforcement and the community to say goodbye to Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Zachary Fink.

The funeral procession for the 26-year-old trooper moved through the streets along Tradition Parkway.

The motorcade rolled along with fellow law enforcement officers riding side by side with Fink on everyone’s heart.

Law enforcement from Miami to Jacksonville made the journey to St. Lucie County to honor one of their own in a time of need for loved ones.

With lights flashing red and blue, the nine-mile journey traveled from the funeral home to Christ Fellowship Church where hundreds of people gathered for a memorial service.

Along the route, folks gathered along the street while others watched from their cars, making sure that Fink was not forgotten.

“It’s just a shame,” resident Henri McDonald said. “I’m just trying to pay my respects.”

Others stepped out of their homes to remember the end of watch for a trooper who gave his life while trying to protect others from a fleeing felon.

“The cornerstone of the family, he probably was, that’s sad,” resident Chris Stoner said.

It was an emotional journey for many, hoping it could bring comfort to those who knew Fink the best.

“It is nice seeing the community come together and everyone hold hands,” resident Christina Rey said. “It’s beautiful.”

Gov. Ron DeSantis ordered the U.S. flag and Florida flags to be flown at half-staff Monday from sunrise to sunset at the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles in Port St. Lucie, the St. Lucie County Courthouse and the Port St. Lucie City Hall.

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