Saturday, December 9

Technicians found not guilty in Palm Beach video voyeurism case

Two technicians accused in a Palm Beach video voyeurism case were both found not guilty Thursday.

Ask the Advisors senior technician Jeremy Lewis and system designer Michael Reilly were accused of snooping on a couple with surveillance cameras.

The jury got the case Thursday afternoon and returned the not-guilty verdict a few hours later.

Both men hugged their family members shortly after hearing the verdict.

Prosecutors said the two men watched the Palm Beach couple, live and on recorded video several times when they were dressing and when they were intimate.

Defense lawyers argued that the only time they saw the woman nude was when were testing the system, and saw them by accident, and quickly stopped watching.

Lewis and Reilly potentially faced five years in prison after police in Palm Beach arrested them two years ago in the case.

The men did not comment on the verdict because they still face a civil lawsuit.

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