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To Survive Another Mashugana Year More Humor & Roof Fiddlers Needed!

It’s an odd state in which we live where in certain high places a ménage à trois is near normal, but Saying Gay in a classroom may place you in front of a firing squad.  So, it’s hard to survive without at least two cents of humor.

Saying “amen” to Pope Francis allowing priests to bless same sex marriages, Stonewall National Museum, Archives & Library Executive Director Robert Kesten adds “It’s not a marriage the Pope’s blessing, not full equality, but it’s a brave step forward . . . this time of the year when miracles happen.”

Sifting through a synopsis of “Jews: The Musical!,” book and lyrics by Marc Brener, about a young playwright wanting to show that not all Jews are evil but is tricked by an Iranian producer wanting to show they are, I suggest calling it A Schmouzical, which Marc thought was “hilarious” idea.

Politics, race, religion, gender, and sexuality make us all dislike each other, however the power of MUSIC, LOVE, and LAUGHTER can indeed unite even the most ardent enemies.

I’m wondering too how much music, love and laughter might serve as anecdotes to what may be politically “poisoning the blood of our country?”  Where’d that phrase come from?

Speaking of that national disfunction called presidential politics, I recently observed how today we’re witnessing a war not fought with guns and bombs like in Ukraine and Gaza, but with just as destructive surreal superlatives at home.

It’s a war of words between the left and right.

Both sides fully armed with arsenals of pejoratives deployed in an endless crossfire, with the warriors calling one another the worst specimens of humankind bent on trashing our constitution, bankrupting our economy, and destroying our country.

Music, please come to the rescue! 

Biden and Trump call each other “threats to democracy.” Progressives call conservatives everything from “bigots” to “Nazis.” It’s all leading me to wonder if we’re all on a warped way to becoming the Disunited States of America. 

Speaking of incendiary words, I would advise anyone to think twice before yelling “genocide” on a crowded college campus.

This fiery faux pas hit home with me when the president of the university where I got my master’s degree had a problem with clarity recently during a hearing in the House of Representatives.

President Elizabeth Magill couldn’t provide a clear yes or no answer to whether calling for the genocide of Jews violated my alma mater’s code of conduct?  She has since resigned as president of the University of Pennsylvania.

And finally, myself and everyone else is looking to A.I. to lift us out of this mean, adversarial, hateful word slinging, name-calling stupor.

Will the Internet of Things (IoT) make the United Stechs of America even greater again?

So, calling all fiddlers on roofs.  Please play fortissimo for fellowship over fury.

Please take your position up on roofs as Jeff Schuster does.  His company SOLARBACK treats them to offset Earth-damaging energy sources with clean, carbon-free energy.  You can play Earth-saving, inspiring, unifying music! 

Tom Madden is a WORDSHINE MAN, the title of his latest book.  When he’s not shining words, he is polishing the products and reputations of businesses his PR firm, TransMedia Group, represents.  And some say he has a true two cents way with words.

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