Sunday, March 3

Tracy Ferriter expected in court for indigency hearing

The wife of a Jupiter father who kept his adopted son in a box-like structure in their garage was expected to appear in court Friday morning.

Tracy Ferriter, 47, has an indigency hearing scheduled for 8:30 a.m.

She’ll be in court with her attorneys arguing that she can no longer afford court costs.

Her private attorney, Jennifer Marshall, has filed a motion asking to withdraw as the attorney of record for Ferriter, who accepted a position with a state agency.

Ferriter is the wife of Tim Ferriter, who was convicted last month on charges of child abuse, child neglect and false imprisonment. She faces the same charges in a separate trial.

Prosecutors in October convinced a Palm Beach County jury during Tim Ferriter’s trial that he treated his 14-year-old adopted son like a prisoner in their Jupiter home, forcing the boy to sleep in an 8×8 windowless room in the garage with nothing but a mattress, a desk and a bucket in which to defecate. The only time he was allowed out was to go to school.

Judge Howard Coates sentenced Tim Ferriter to five years in prison, which was less than what the state had sought but more than his attorneys had requested.

Defense attorneys unsuccessfully sought to have Tim Ferriter released from jail while he awaited sentencing, but Coates denied the request.

They’re currently asking that Tim Ferriter be released from jail pending an appeal of his conviction and prison sentence.

Tracy Ferriter was in court throughout her husband’s trial, often sitting in the row directly behind the defense table.

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