Tuesday, November 28

Trial of 2 accused video voyeurs in Palm Beach town underway

A story that almost seems ripped from the tabloids is about to play out as defense lawyers and prosecutors interviewed potential jurors Monday in a Palm Beach County courtroom.  

Jeremy Lewis and Michael Reilly are about to go on trial and are charged with video voyeurism.  

In May, Palm Beach town police arrested the two technicians after investigators claim they had evidence the two snooped on a couple for several days following the repair of their video surveillance system, which included indoor cameras.  

Prosecutors say the two watched the couple as they dressed in their bedroom and in more intimate moments, often passing recorded videos between each other.  

The two men have pleaded not guilty in the case.  

Lewis and Reilly are also defendants in a civil suit the couple filed this spring.  

Their employer at the time, Ask the Advisors is also named as a defendant in the suit.  

Jury selection is scheduled to continue Tuesday, and the criminal trial of the two video techs is expected to wrap up by the end of the week.  


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