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Victim fearing for life shot ‘aggressive’ man who is facing charges, PBSO says

A 35-year-old man, fearing for his life outside a bar, shot and wounded a 28-year-old man displaying aggressive behavior, who was ultimately arrested, according to Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office detectives.

On Wednesday, the county’s clerk site posted the arrest report involving the incident at Palm Beach Commons plaza around 4:30 a.m. Sunday.

Darryl Gary-Paul McLinton, a resident west of Lake Worth Beach, is facing charges of robbery, simple assault and criminal mischief in connection to the incident, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said Monday.

McLinton was taken to a hospital but was booked into the Palm Beach County jail at 2:04 p.m. Sunday. During his first appearance on Monday, he was ordered not to have contact with the victim. His next court appearance was set for 10:30 a.m. on Jan. 23.

Deputies were called to 1306 N. Military Trail where they found a person, later identified as McLinton, shot in the abdomen, according to the police report.

He was taken to a hospital for emergency medical carebut released.

The person who shot McLinton, Jeffery Boyd, remained on the scene.

Detectives learned that McLinton “had shown an aggressive and agitated behavior during his time” at the bar, according to the police report.

McLinton went into the parking lot near a black Tesla Model 3.

He entered the vehicle’s driver’s side door and approached Boyd,who owned the car, detectives say.

Security members attempted to disperse McClinton but he “remained aggressive, agitated and would not leave the area,” according to the report.

He had become agitated toward Boyd, detectives say, when Boyd asked him why he was in the vehicle.

“McLinton began to walk in the direction of Boyd in an aggressive manner and stating he belonged to a gang,” according to the report. Boyd told him to stop several times.

When Boyd entered his vehicle he said he saw McLinton “reach and dig inside of his waistband,” believing he had a handgun.

Boyd retrieved his 9mm Springfield handgun from his vehicle.

Boyd said the man “maintained his hand in his waistband, and began to duck around the front hood area of the Tesla.”

McLinton walked toward Boyd.

During a demonstration with detectives, the suspect “was growling at him. Jeffery Byrd fearing for his life at this point, and that McLinton was beginning to come closer to him, discharged the handgun.”

Despite being shot, McClinton still was coming after Boyd. Bystanders then intervened.

Witnesses later reported that the man scratched the hood of the Tesla with an unknown object.

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