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Wellington hair salon raises money for wigs for women, children with alopecia

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost seven million people have alopecia, have had it, or will have it.

Actress Jada Pinkett shared a few years ago about her struggle with hair loss.

A local hair salon is hosting an event to raise funds for wigs for women and children who have lost their hair due to cancer or alopecia.

The Born Beautiful Hair Loss Foundation is a non-profit founded by Evelyn Metellus, who owns The Hair Doctor salon at the Mall at Wellington Green.

On Sunday, March 24, Born Beautiful will host a gala at the Dillards store at that mall to raise funds for wigs for those who have hair loss due to a medical condition.

“I come in, I customize the medical wig for them. I make sure they are happy with what they are wearing. It’s very natural. It’s comfortable on the skin. And it’s not like a fashion wig, especially the young children. It’s a pleasure to do that for them,” Metellus said. “Me, myself, when I was 16, I lost all of my hair due to a fire. Then it becomes like alopecia. So hair for me is a luxury.”

“It’s never a bad thing that Dillards looks at a charity that really works hard to give back to its community. We like people to look and feel their best. And so Evelyn’s charity does exactly that,” said Allison Bergamini, the director of the cosmetics division at Dillards.

For more information about Sunday’s event, click here. WPTV anchor Tania Rogers will emcee the event.

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