Friday, March 1

Workforce housing units coming to Delray Beach

A new multi-family development is in the works in Delray Beach that will provide workforce housing units.

It’s called the Flo and will have a total of 116 units with 23 designated workforce housing.

“Doing anything to increase affordability even through workforce housing is a tremendous benefit,” said Neil Schiller with Government Law Group, which is representing the Flo project.

The 4.8-acre project will be located on the North East corner of West Atlantic Avenue and Military Trail behind a shopping center.

The workforce housing options will be available in 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units.

To qualify you can’t make more than 120% the area’s median income which last year in Palm Beach County was $98,000, according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

“I know a lot of different people that are taking roommates on because they just can’t afford their monthly rent now,” Schiller said. “Having projects like the Flo with a new overlay district that allows for more density so you can get more affordable units really will make a big deal in the end.”

Residents like Reggie Cox said they’ve lived Delray Beach for 54 years.

“The real impact has been really trying to survive with higher rent, higher mortgages, increases in insurance,” Cox said.

He said the city has become a tsunami of new development, but just a trickle of affordable options.

“The area has gentrified, the prices are through the roof,” Cox said. “We definitely need workforce housing particularly for public sector employees, for people with a certain income range, that’s needed it’s just not enough.”

Schiller said land west of I-95 is quickly becoming a target for affordable options as areas East of I-95 have become more congested.

“You’ll find there’s some big projects in the pipeline that will bring more units to west Delray on Congress Avenue that will be more affordable that will be along the bus line that will be along the trirail,” Schiller said. “Things are really looking up here in terms of affordability workforce housing and just development in general.”

Schiller expects to break ground by the end of this year if not the beginning of 2025.

Delray Beach City commissioners will meet Thursday to discuss multi-tenant housing opportunities which would increase affordable living options in the city.

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