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YSPB’s New South County Choir Now Singing For the 2022-2023 Season!

Boynton Beach, FL – In an exciting development, Youth Singers of the Palm Beaches (YSPB) proudly announces the establishment of the South County Choir, a musical endeavor made possible through the generous funding from Impact 100 Palm Beach County. This initiative expands the reach of YSPB’s impactful programs, making the joy of singing and choral education accessible to children in grades 2-8 in the South Palm Beach County area.

YSPB has long been recognized for its commitment to nurturing young talents in the realm of choral arts. Thanks to the support from Impact 100 Palm Beach County, the organization can now extend its reach and offer the transformative experience of vocal training to a broader audience. The South County Choir mirrors the high standards set by YSPB’s core choir based at the Kravis Center, ensuring that participants receive comprehensive vocal training and choral education.

The South County Choir rehearsals take place on Wednesday evenings at the Boynton Beach Arts and Culture Center, conveniently located at 125 E. Ocean Avenue, Boynton Beach, FL. This central location provides a vibrant and inspiring setting for young voices to come together, harmonize, and cultivate their musical abilities.

The South County Choir warmly welcomes all children in grades 2-8 who share a passion for singing. However, to maintain the high standards of YSPB, registration for this choir is by audition only. Auditions ensure that each participant is given the opportunity to showcase their vocal abilities and determine their suitability for the choir.

Interested parents and guardians can find detailed information about the audition process, requirements, and register for auditions by visiting the YSPB website at

The creation of the South County Choir not only broadens the reach of YSPB but also strengthens the organization’s ties with the South Palm Beach County community. By establishing a local presence, YSPB aims to create a musical hub where young talents can thrive, fostering a sense of community and pride through the joy of singing.

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